Penny Black Stamp          


The application is the first product launched by Nohowe Limited, a mobile technology company founded by Andre Howe. The initial idea behind the service was born out of Andre’s own frustration at the high costs of sending and receiving messages while overseas. Fortunately, Andre was able to use his extensive experience in the mobile phone industry to devise a simple solution, which he’s finally sharing with the rest of the UK.

Interestingly enough, the application owes its name to the Penny Black stamp. Similar to, the Penny Black stamp helped liberate the UK postal market in 1840, allowing people across the country to send mail for only one Penny. Click here for more info >>

About Nohowe Limited - Click here for the companies BLOG >>

Nohowe Limited was founded by Andre Howe in 2003. The company aims to offer mobile phone users a complete range of data and information solutions.

Andre has spent the last 12 years working extensively in the mobile phone industry with the likes of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and Siemens. His special areas of expertise are in WiFi, SMS and Bluetooth technology.


Contact Information

Andre Howe

Managing Director


Tel: +44 20 7790 8597


Company information

Nohowe® Limited

Registered in England & Wales

Company No. 4660035

VAT Reg. No. GB 805 8643 18


Registered address

4 Churchill Court

58 Station Road

North Harrow


United Kingdom

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